Here I am, you scumbags.

Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm feeling shut-the-fuck up!

I wanted to keep this myspace blog, just cuz I took the time to write it. But I didn't want it up anymore. It was a downer.

"Am I "feeling fat"? I'm feeling shut-the-fuck up!

Wow. All day I've seen these new Flash cartoon ads, when I'm signing into Yahoo, that are advertising patches you apply to your skin that are supposed to curb your appetite. "Sit back and let CurbYourCravings do the work for you!" & "Feeling fat? Lose 25lbs by August 31st!" Let's remember, August 31st is only 23 days from now! That would be hideously unhealthy to lose all that weight that quickly.
Anyway, that's all terribly fucked up. I don't know how these people sleep at night when they know that they're taking advantage of the deep sadness and self-loathing of people. And before I go on, let's remember who's talking here. I've had my times of bulk. I was never skinny-skinny, but I blew up once due to hanging out with a stoner, and dating a guy who didn't love me. The heaviest that I ever weighed, in my own recorded history (god knows how much I weighed in periods where I never reached a scale), was 169 lbs in 2003 (I'm 5'3"). I went to Weight Watchers, learned it well & attended all the classes of that "semester". Now, in 2007, I'm down to a steady 130. That's roughly a loss of 40 lbs, after learning how to eat. (By the way, that doesn't mean I always eat right nowadays, so don't scold me in a diner). So it breaks my heart to see the terrible shit that people buy into, due to desperation.
A girl I love very much, who would be classified as a "real woman", once flippantly said to me something about how she was saving up to buy diet pills that would "really work this time". I moved the exclamation point from above my head and said, "What? No you aren't? Oh honey, don't do that! It's a scam!" (or something along those lines). She replied with the claims that the advertisements made - she could eat anything she wanted, and the pills would take care of the fat. This was supposed to shut me up. So I just shut up. I didn't want to press the subject further, she looked like a kid anticipating Christmas. One big, awful, disappointing Christmas.
Back to this ad, that begins with, "Feeling fat?". I know this may be stupid and nit-picky, but I don't even like how they phrased that. Feeling fat? Why can't you just say, "Fat?" Feeling fat is more fucked up. Nicole Richie is feeling fat. I'm feeling fat right now, because I'm all PMS'd up. Haha. I suppose, however, that even if you asked, "Fat?" the girls with poor body images or full-blown eating disorders would answer, "Yeah."
Right now I can't think of a way to end this blog, because thoughts like this have plagued me for years. That's what happens when you're obsessed with the psychology behind advertising and your mom has weighed considerably less than you 3/4ths of your life.