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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm gettin Rusty

My friend Rusty (aka Stephanie) is kind of hard to draw because there's not much to exaggerate. She's pretty:

This pic would be a good example, but she went crazy with Photoshop one day:

But I've been wanting to learn how to draw her. So I studied her face and I tried to draw it in different ways, over and over, until I got it.

She and I both want to move to California. I think she wants to do it for the adventure, but I just need to be there for job purposes. And I might go crazy if I stay here much longer. So I wanted to do a drawing of she and I living together....
Here's a sketch of me:

I liked the big eyes on my original sketch of myself, but I shrunk the eyes down a few times because my eyes squint when I smile. My cheeks take over my face. However, now that I see how my face turned out, I kind of wish I had left it with the big eyes. Eh, I dunno.