Here I am, you scumbags.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Here's me and here are my doggies

<--That's my baby Bridget! Well hello, friends and skanks. Ivy B has got her own blog. Wow, I still hate that word. Blog. That's almost as annoying as LOL, which by the way, I always choose to read as "Low'll". Anyway, howzit going? I actually made this posting by mistake, cuz I am new to Blogger, so I'm just filling it with something. La la la.

Bridget is one of 2 English Bulldogs I have. I also have a Border Collie. He is loved, but annoying.

To my repulsion, Bridget seems to be having her period right now, because she is about to be in heat. Oh, don't want to hear about my dog's menstral blood? Well, I have to clean it up, so you're gonna hear about it.

Here's Toby and Dudley:

And Dudley and I on an adventure:

Here's a cartoon of my dogs and I. I was mimicking the style of Ovi Nedelcu, so I just gave the girl my hair and eye color. I didn't really care if she looked a lot like me. Although I did make sure she had thighs :)