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Friday, March 03, 2006

The Spumco Crew

Well hey youse guys! Considering I started this blog so I could comment on Johnny K and Jose Pou's blog, I guess this should be the area for my artwork and junk like that. But that idea intensely intimidates me, for I am forever in awe of the Spumco team, and Johnny himself, so I think I'd rather sit on my own artwork. Conversely, I DID go to freaking college for animation, so I should probably share stuff. When I made friends with Johnny in 2002, though, I found out how gypped I was in college: how many basic things they didn't go over. I just learned about Gertie the dinosaur type stuff, that Disney has it's enemies, how to impersonate Tim Burton's stop action, and how to throw shit together in Adobe After Effects. Pretty much, anyway; there may be a few more tiny points I learned. However, when I got to talking to Johnny K, he pretty much outlined to me everything that's wrong with, well, everything, (opinions that were always quite welcome), and one of those things were how animation is taught. He once referred to "line of action". I did the dog's-head-to-one-side expression of, "Huh?" and he said, "They didn't teach you that?!?!"... and so began my list of what I didn't know. Here's a picture from when I met Johnny K in 2002:

And here's a party in 2003, (we both look tired and/or surly):

Oh! And here's an odd phenomenon! Jose Pou and I had clone felines. Check it out:

And here's a picture from that same time period, with me licking some monkey.

Other Spumco people I remember: Julia, Eric Bauza, Helder, Mike Kerr, Tom Hay, and I vaguely remember a guy named Max, and a guy named James. Eric Bauza is so wonderful. He could dropkick Billy West any day of the week. He can even play the theme to the old NES game, Bubble Bobble, on a keyboard. It's pretty wicked. :) I have it on video. All the guys from my University of the Arts animation crew were in love with Eric, and I think they ran into him recently at a party in California..

More later. Buy my t-shirts: (shameless self-promotion)
((When I created my blog on here, I, at first, created two by accident. So this is a repost from the blog I deleted. Originally, the wonderful Katie Rice had commented:
"Katie said...
Wow, you're so cute!! Both your blogs have great photos!11:43 PM "
but the comment was erased cuz I erased that blog. But look, I saved it. Yay.

P.S. Here's a photo I forgot about, from 2002:


Blogger Jenny said...

Awww! You're a cutie! Nice art too! : )

Looks like it was some fun up north there!
You should definitely use yourselfas a model more often, methinks.

2:55 PM  
Blogger MikeMatei said...

haha yeah they never did say anything about line of action in school did they? It's sad you can get a much better grasp of animation from books and the internet then going to uarts. what a waste of time and money!

4:00 PM  

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